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Cambodia’s forests ravaged to f...

Cambodia’s forests ravaged to feed the fickle fads of China’s middle class

A land of rolling hills, the northeast Cambodian province of Mondulkiri is known for its sprawling tropical forests and its diversity of wildlife, including elephants.  The forests around Bousra Falls keep the worst of the dry season heat at bay. My guide and driver is Nok,  an educated and personable thirty-something local; we sit down […]

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One place in SE Asia that I havenR...

One place in SE Asia that I haven’t yet been… and perhaps may never

Or, how a small, little-known nation shoots itself in the foot. When you are very small – vulnerable, even – doesn’t it make sense to put your best foot forward? To showcase your assets, your culture to passing travellers, to arouse their interest and their understanding? Of course small nations often don’t put their best […]

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What’s wrong with Qantas?

What’s wrong with Qantas?

What’s wrong with Qantas?  The Australian national carrier admits to facing stormy skies ahead. Most commentators – including crusading independent senator Nick Xenophon – point the finger at the present management, in particular its CEO, Irish-born Alan Joyce. (Aussies always love to hate foreign imports brought in to revolutionise iconic institutions like the national carrier […]

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China without the training wheelsR...

China without the training wheels…

The adventures of Gege and Didi are over, and the training wheels are off. I’m all alone amidst 1.3 billion Chinese, although I’ve started out with just a few million. That’s the population of Chengdu, the Sichuan capital.  Plus the panda population, which are never great communicators anyway: too busy guzzling bamboo leaves.  Or just […]

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The Chinese Adventures of Gege and Di...

The Chinese Adventures of Gege and Didi

Big Brother and Little Brother that is, venturing together into the heart of China after spending a few days together in Shanghai. Leaving behind that cesspit of decadent foreign ideas, we fly west to reach Huangshan Shi or Tunxi, the gateway not only to the Huangshan or Yellow Mountains we’ve both visited before, but also […]

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Exploring the Ozarks

Mountain Springs

By Klaire Bruce Most people will admit to wanting to be an ‘explorer’ at one point in their life.  It meant anything from looking around the basement with a flashlight to adventuring in obscure, far off places around the world.  If you still find yourself with the age old explorer bug, the Ozarks are a […]

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To Caucasus, the End of all the Earth...

To Caucasus, the End of all the Earth *

Russia – fifteen kilometres up the road, through the gorge. South Ossetia – somewhere just over the mountains. Mt Kazbeg – the snowy peak five thousand metres straight up, filling my bedroom window. Quick, pull on some clothes and grab a shot before the clouds move over. Time shortly for my Georgian breakfast of Turkish-style […]

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Singapore: soap opera, smoke and spir...

2013-06-18 17.48.18

Six-fifteen on a sweltering Singapore evening and the sun is reduced to a blushing red orb filtered through a dense smoky haze. The Sumatran forest fires have again become front page news. The streets of the financial district were noticeably quieter than two days ago; pharmacies are reportedly selling out of surgical masks. Tables are […]

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Ins and Outs of Thai Etiquette

Ins and Outs of Thai Etiquette

Meghan Pierce dreams of one day travelling the world with nary a care. Until then she studies anthropology, dabbles in viniculture and freelances for GAdventures. The thing I love most about travelling is observing how other people around the world go about their day to day lives and their customs. If you want to be […]

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Tell Them to Get Lost: Back on the Ba...

Tell Them to Get Lost: Back on the Banana Pancake trail

Over the years I’ve returned sporadically to places like Penang, Chiang Mai and Kathmandu, those watering holes where I and so many others ‘chilled out’ (in today’s parlance) along the great Asian overland route in the 1970s. Once or twice I have sought out those same fabled flophouses, the seedy Chinese hotels and the homespun […]

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Japan: Still Sometimes Lost in Transl...

Japan: Still Sometimes Lost in Translation

Five in the morning, still dark beyond the rice-paper windows, but I’m awake, snug under my futon (quilt). Need to get up and leave the room, but must try not to wake my companion: sleep doesn’t come easily to middle-aged Anglo-Saxon limbs when forced to do without mattresses. As in most ryokan, traditional inns, guests […]

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Run a Half Marathon in Port Douglas: ...

solar eclipse

A blank look and extended silence is all I got when I told my Mum I was going to run a Half  Marathon. The Solar Eclipse Half Marathon in Port Douglas no less. She didn’t get it. And quite probably thought it was just one more half-baked idea from a middle child who’s major success […]

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Travel Writer: ‘That’s my...

Hiking with polar bears with Churchill Wild in the Canadian Arctic is a 'once in a lifetime' experience

Travel Writers. You’d think we had it all, wouldn’t you? Travelling professionally, it’s all in a days work dropping into obscure landscapes before sunrise, disappearing over the horizon before the sun sets, whizzing through throbbing cities, stalking wildlife with our cameras, striding up mountains, cruising far-flung seas, tasting our way through the alphabet soup of […]

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Image Gallery: Samoa, Savaii Island

Coconut Man at Taga Blowholes Savaii Island Samoa

  Fiona Harper travel writer/photographer explored the Samoan island of Savaii. Check out her stunning images in this gallery Fiona Harper travel writer/photographer Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

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The Way of Tea in Japan

Tea ceremony, Kanazawa Japan

Tea is not to be trifled with. Indeed when you’re the tenth generation entrusted with creating pots for ritualistic tea ceremony, tea is life. Master potter Chozaemon Toshiro, known simply as Tenth Generation, and awarded a Person of Cultural Merit award from the Emperor, has serious clay credentials. With lineage dating back to his ancestor […]

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