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How a Canadian Theatre Critic Sees Australians

Richard Ouzounian is a well-known Canadian in the world of performing arts. He is also the theatre critic for Canada’s largest daily newspaper, the Toronto Star.

So when the paper sent him off to explore Australia and Australians, it was a major gig.

In many ways his journey took him from the land of the moose (many prefer the beaver) to the land of the kangaroo.

And as far as national critters go, it is always interesting to decode how these symbols convey national cultures. For example, the Russians have the bear, the Americans have the eagle, and the Brits have the lion.

What do we Canadians have — how Canadian is this? — the Beaver!

But never underestimate that Canadian symbol. The Beaver is extremely hard-working (he can build a home out of bunch of sticks); he has excellent dental hygiene; he is pretty much a loner preferring the solitude of the Canadian wilderness, which by the way is being encroached upon more and more; and he is thrifty and always recycles.

But don’t mess with Mr. Beaver or he will flood you out of house and home!

Anyway, click on the link below to read Richard Ouzounian’s very in-depth assessment of Aussies.

Stereotypes?Types? Cultural myths? Canadian ethnocentric baggage? Something else?

I will be very interested to see what my Australian friends have to say about this.

Canada vs. Australia: the upside of Down Under

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