Profiles of Our Main Contributors

Glenn A. Baker specialises in music and travel writing. He has authored 16 books, written for more than 200 magazines and annotated over 500 music albums. He has also co-written music for films and is an active television/radio presenter and public speaker. Baker won the inaugural Australian Travel Writer of the Year award in 1995 from the Australian Society of Travel Writers, and won the award again in 2000. He has visited more than 100 countries.

Philip Game has been an active travel writer since 1992, but an enthusiastic traveller since his sixteen-year-old hitch-hiking treks around his native Tasmania. As an expatriate resident in the United Arab Emirates, he had the unique opportunity to explore the desert tracks of eastern Arabia. He has lived and travelled widely in the USA in 1995 and more recently in Britain, and is a Member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers. His articles and images have been published in more than 30 countries.

Sally Hammond describes herself as a 'travel junkie', explaining that she travels to support her 'habit'. She is an award-winning food and travel journalist and has written many guides, directories and cookbooks. Her travel writing is regularly published in leading newspapers and magazines in Australia and abroad. Sally's latest book, "Playing Chopsticks" is out now from New Holland.

Karen Halabi has either written about travel or edited other people's work for much of her career.  A seasoned editor, journalist, sub-editor and photographer, with a love of travel and an extensive background in consumer and trade magazines and newspapers, she has edited three Australian travel magazines, been involved in the redesign and relaunch of one of them, and been deputy editor of the newspaper Sydney Weekly. Currently freelancing as a photo-journalist, Karen provides stories and images on a wide range of destinations to a diverse range of publications. She has written for Pol, Vive, The Herald Sun and Sunday Times, Vacations, TravelAway, Escape, Quorum, and Travel Trade.

Fiona Harper specialises in writing about travel, boating and lifestyles. Posed the question in her early days of travelling ‘is it better to travel than to arrive?’ Fiona has spent a lifetime researching the answer. If it involves water, there’s a good chance Fiona has an interest in it. Unless you’re talking scotch, then in that case, you can hold the water.  A career gypsy travelling for most of the year, Fiona’s office when she’s at home is on-board her 15-metre cruising yacht.  A member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers, Fiona manages her own boating website, the Australian Marinas Guide, as well as contributing travel, boating and lifestyle articles to print and web publications.

Thomas E. King: Thomas E. King is the Executive Editor of Media East Pty Ltd, a 33 year old international editorial agency providing commissioned (only) illustrated features on leisure destinations and golf venues to mass circulation and specialist publications in Australia and Asia. He specialises in writing about Asia with a concentration on India, a country he has visited nearly 30 times. He has been a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers for some 30 years.

Sheriden Rhodes: was named the 2002 Australian Society of Travel Writers/Air NZ Travel Writer of the Year (Trade/Industry). Sheriden specialises in the business of travel - covering the travel trade, business travel, aviation, cruise, hotel and MICE sectors. She has a passion for writing about what makes the travel industry tick, as well as its personalities. Sheriden has worked on leading travel industry titles - Traveltrade NZ, Traveltrade Australia, Travel Week, and OAG Flight Guide (Asia Pacific).

Graham Simmons is a travel writer/photographer, based in Byron Bay, and a Member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers. He started travel writing in an attempt to get away from himself. It didn't work. He now says that "travel is a cure for which there is no known disease". Browse or search his online photographic portfolio.

Maria Visconti has lived and carried on with her wordmongering in eight different countries -spanning all continents- teaching Latin American Literature, book reviewing, feature writing, travel writing and broadcasting. A member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers and AFTA finalist for Best Travel Writer of 2009 Award, she never ceases to be amazed by the magic of travel and loves being immersed in another culture armed with nothing but a notebook and a camera: "Being out of my depth is my specialty, and I find it exciting”, she says.

Tricia Welsh is a career journalist, specialising in travel and food for more than 20 years. She has written about elephant polo in Thailand, tea-tasting in the Sri Lankan highlands, hot-air ballooning over the Nile Valley, camping under the stars in the Kimberleys and cruising the icy waters of the Antarctic. She has lived in London, Greece and Germany, and has travelled to all seven continents, but is happiest with sun on her back, finding any excuse to leave her Melbourne home each winter for the northern hemisphere, a tropical island or the Outback.

AUTHORS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS: GAB: Glenn A. Baker; GS: Graham Simmons;  KH: Karen Halabi;  FH: Fiona Harper;  MV: Maria Visconti;  PG: Philip Game;  SH: Sally Hammond;  SR: Sheriden Rhodes;  TW: Tricia Welsh;  TEK: Thomas E. King.


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